eSpy Integrated Security System

eSpy© is the trademark name or solution provided by Mortronix Technologies Limited. It is an integration of both alarm and CCTV systems, to meet security needs. We have come up with this smart system to protect clients and their assets from becoming victims of burglary and theft. Some of the features of this system are:

  • Remote Off Site Monitoring (by Mortronix)
  • Real-Time Video/Audio Monitoring
  • 24/7 System Video/Audio Recording
  • Scheduled System Arm/Disarm
  • Instant SMS Alert
  • Mobile App to Monitor using Mobile Devices
  • Instant Sensor Trigger
  • Police or Security Guard Response* (Conditions Apply)
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Internet Control & Management

If your company has issues with abuse and misuse of Internet among your staff, then our Internet Control & Management Solution can help resolve these issues. Generally, this is what we can do:

  • Block Porn Sites
  • Block Social Media Sites
  • Authenticate Users Before Accessing the Internet
  • Log and Report Internet Usage Per User
  • Allow certain groups to access email only while management group can access both email and Internet
  • Internet Access Control
  • Improve Internet Speed and Security

LAN Management

Some organizations and companies require us to manage their local area network remotely without the need to employ an IT personal. When we manage your network we do:

  • Wired & Wireless LAN Design and Setup
  • Server Configuration & Management
  • Router Configuration & Management
  • Switch Configuration & Management
  • PABX
  • Network Resources Setup
  • First Line Technical Support & Troubleshooting
  • Daily Management & Monitoring
  • Network Security & Virus Detection
  • Schedule Automated Data Backup
  • Load Balancing & QoS

Solar Power Solution

Mortronix Technologies Ltd has a high reputation, experience and capability in designing and installing solar power systems. 

  • 1kW to 600kW Solar and Wind Power System
  • Microgrid System
  • Single Phase Electrical Wiring
  • Off-Grid & On-Grid System
  • 240VAC True RMS
  • Rural Schools, Rural Hospitals and Aid Posts, District Office, Research Centers
  • Backup Power 

Track Your Truck

The Track Your Truck is our vehicle tracking and fleet management solution. The solution:

  • Prevents Vehicle Misuse and Abuse
  • Prevents Car Theft
  • Prevents Fuel Theft
  • Prevent Car Burglary
  • Provides Geo-Fencing
  • Disables Ignition Remotely
  • Provides Real Time Tracking
  • Provides Audio & Video Transmission
  • Provides Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • SMS Alert Messages
  • Mobile Devices and PC Monitoring
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VSAT Internet

Mortronix Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of our new Ka Band VSAT Internet service on Kacific1 high throughput satellite, which grants fast internet access to countries within the Pacific Region, including Papua New Guinea.

  • High Throughput
  • Faster Internet Speed
  • Wider & Stronger Signal Coverage in the Pacific
  • Rapid & Flexible Deployment with 1.2m Antenna
  • Unlimited Internet 
  • Affordable & Reasonable Monthly Rates
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