Mortronix Technologies Limited is an ICT Consulting, Service Engineers, Project Managers, and Technical Support company in PNG. The company is a 100% nationally owned Papua New Guinean registered company, and has been in full time business operation since 2010. The company has a small committed and dedicated staff and has evolved and progressed over the years, and still growing. The company started out as a small electronic repair workshop operating from the owner’s home, and then located to its current head office, where the company diversified its business operations into providing different products, services and solutions in ICT, Electronics and Electrical. We have a good customer base ranging from individuals, schools,institutions, churches, NGOs, village communities, and corporate companies who are using our services, solutions and products.

We have developed a business philosophy of not to compete with other vendors or service providers, but to be an alternate services provider and innovative solutions hub in Papua New Guinea and across the Pacific. That’s why we invest time and resources into doing research and design systems, and customize them to meet the client’s expectations and provide that technical solution. Part of our business concept to progress is to partner with other reputable companies, both locally and internationally. Therefore we look for other service providers, agencies, organizations or manufacturers, who can partner with us into providing that alternative service.

The company has never lost sight of the rural communities because that’s one of the reasons this company started; to serve the rural people and help communities using technology. Some of our products, services and solutions were designed for rural communities, like our Community Radio Station Product or the Solar Power Solution. We help where we can and give back to the community to help reduce illiteracy and educate people for good development.    

Mortronix Technologies Limited has proven itself in some big projects, that size doesn’t matter. Rather, it’s the ability, skill and quality of work that this company can deliver on time every time it is contracted. The best thing of what we do is that we put a smile on someone’s face, through the services and solutions we provide. We are your local partner, with local innovation. But we connect you globally.with the latest technology. And that’s tops!

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